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Diaz de Leon

My passion for food began through early influences of refined Mexican cooking.  I was raised in the agricultural region of  Guanajuato, a colonial mountainside town in central Mexico.  My clearest childhood memories come from my grandmother’s kitchen where the subtle perfumes and vibrant colors of true Mexican cuisine were always present. I understood from a young age that Mexican gastronomy, cultivated over centuries, is infinitely more intricate and rich than simply tacos and tortillas. 

After I finished law school, I moved to Vancouver, to attend the Dubrulle International Culinary and Hotel Institute of Canada. There, I honed my talent in French cuisine and went on to explore other global styles of cooking, including Asian and Middle Eastern. The French techniques that I learned enabled me to revisit the sophistication of classical Mexican cuisine from a fresh perspective, as well as explore the exciting possibilities of contemporary food culture.  


I started as a line cook, moving my way up to sous chef and then a private chef, cooking for US Presidents, Oprah Winfrey, PM Justin Trudeau, and many others. My appreciation for travel and adventure mixed with inspiration from my father eventually led me to California.   In 2019,  I opened The Truckee Food Shop, and set out to develop a menu that incorporated my culinary training, Mexican heritage, and love for fresh California ingredients.  My nomadic cooking style is always highlighted on the menu.  Enjoy!


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